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How It Works: Project Steps

"What happens after I hire you to work on my site?"

Here is the typical procedure when a site is created or given a make-over:

  1. By email, telephone or in person, we agree upon the details of the work required: overall look and basic layout, number of pages, what those pages contain, etc. In some cases the quote may need adjusting after this step. If a domain name needs to be registered and/or hosting account set up, this is initiated now.
  2. Any required graphics and images that you already have are sent to Attention. Text content may be sent at this time or later.
  3. Attention creates a page design mockup (one or more variations) and emails a PDF file for you to preview. You choose a version you like or ask for a new design, or suggest changes.
  4. Attention makes the changes and sends a new proof. After one or more iterations of this process a final design is agreed upon.
  5. You make a deposit to Attention of 50% of project quote or $1000, whichever is less.
  6. If not already sent or available on your existing site, all content (text) is sent to Attention by email. All text should be in an editable format for copying & pasting (i.e. no scanned images of text). Extra charges will be incurred if multiple blocks of text must be typed in by Attention.
  7. Attention proceeds to create the website to look the same as the mockup. After a few representative pages or the core site pages are complete, they are posted on a non-public URL for you to preview. Any further refinements you desire are suggested at this point.
  8. Attention completes the entire site coding and posts the whole site on the preview URL for final proofing before going public.
  9. When all is to your satisfaction, the site is published to the public location.
  10. The final invoice is sent to you, which is due within 10 business days.

Of course, at all times throughout the process, communication is open between Attention and you. This is entirely a collaborative process—it's YOUR site!